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Prevention Advisor and Operation Coordinator

Place in the organisation:

Building matters / Security.

The Coordinator Operations and Prevention Advisor receives hierarchical and operational direction from the Managing Director BENEFRUX (MD) and provides operational and hierarchical direction to 3 people in our HQ Antwerp.

Purpose / core of the position:

He/she monitors contracts and is responsible for carrying out maintenance in the branches and for following up on technical breakdowns and damage. He/she will coordinate the execution of store operations and will be responsible for H&S about procedures and compliance with the legislation.  He/she acts as prevention advisor and supervises the application of statutory requirements/obligations in the context of the Committee for Prevention and Protection in the Workplace (CPPW).

He/she monitors safety on the work floor and the overall working conditions of employees, both at head office and in the branches.

In carrying out his/her tasks, he/she undertakes to implement the strategic organisational aims of the company in which respect for and the appearance of the central values are extremely important.

Job-related skills will also be taken into consideration for assessing the quality of the way the tasks are carried out.

Main areas (principal tasks and responsibilities):

Main area 1: preventative and curative maintenance / contract management

  • He/she conducts inspection visits to the branches, based on a periodic schedule. Filling in the inspection forms correctly and in full enables a clear overview to be obtained of any urgent or future works to be carried out. These are reported every 2 weeks to the MD;
  • He/she ensures that maintenance contracts are in place for the technical installations and systems and will also carry out checks on-site to ensure that the contracts are being complied with;
  • He/she monitors the quality and implementation of maintenance and contract management;

Main area 2: following up on breakdowns and disruptions

  • He/she analyses the causes of breakdowns and damage, making proposals for improvements and requesting price quotes where appropriate. He/she advises the MD regarding the execution of follow-up to breakdowns and the way in which damage is dealt with;
  • He/she brings in the appropriate contacts to work to ensure the best possible (cost/efficiency/quality) solution and settlement of problems that occur;
  • He/she attends to urgent works if possible and with the appropriate authority.

Main area 3: expansion and refurbishments

  • He/she goes through the construction of new stores and the refurbishment of existing branches with the building coordinator to determine critical points and eliminate current difficulties.
  • He/she may be brought in to support the store before, during and after transformation/renovation works. He/she will handle the recovery of materials in consultation of the regional manager.

Main area 4: store operations and procedures

  • He/she makes policy proposals regarding the security of cash and other papers of value (including cash register, safe, transport of valuables and deposit procedures)
  • He/she makes policy proposals regarding the security of goods (including procedures for goods security, securing and protecting premises, store surveillance, camera surveillance, company regulations, access security, etc.).
  • He/she makes policy proposals regarding logistical as well as IT processes.
  • Transposes policy into internal instructions.
  • Provides up-to-date procedures and manuals for the branches (cash register, security, inventory, etc.)
  • He/she monitors the relevant legislation, adjust guidelines and provide advice on this matter to the MD.


Main area 5: prevention advisor (level 2)

  • He/she is the point of contact for employees about unsafe, unhealthy or hazardous situations
  • He/she monitors the legislation on the subject, makes proposals and provides advice when new developments occur; he/she will translate these into practical policy instruments
  • He/she ensures that the legislation is complied with in terms of safety, health and wellbeing.
  • He/she makes proposals to the MD regarding the safe of employees and third parties.
  • He/she attends meeting of the Committee for Prevention and Protection in the Workplace in his/her capacity as prevention Adviser; he/she diarises the meetings, as well as takes notes/minutes of the points discussed
  • He/she implements the annual plan in the context of the CPPW;


He/she has the authority to make purchases and carry out repair works. In terms of service-related matters, he/she takes problem-solving decisions. He/she makes recommendations relating to price quotes for remedying breakdowns/disruptions in the areas set. He/she makes recommendations for improving the safety of employees and third parties.


External: contractors, installers and providers of services

Internal: MD, Regional Managers, Building Coordinator, Branch Managers and various departments at head office.

Required level of education and experience:

Bachelor’s degree in a technical subject

Affinity with things technical;

5 years of experience in a similar position

Bilingual NL/FR; fluent knowledge of English

Knowledge of MS Office

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